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School Year 2007 - 2008

The Grades 4 and 5 classes at JHMS have taken on some wonderful projects this year. We have committed ourselves to living healthy through physical activity and nutrition education; initiated a holiday fundraiser through the international aid organization World Vision; and are enjoying the first year of the Roots of Empathy program at our school. We have also just had our first Achievements Assembly of the year. This is an opportunity for Elementary levels teachers to acknowledge their students in Grades 4-6 who are perfect attenders, star students, and who are positive role models for their peers at JHMS.

Healthy Living

Our classes kicked off the school year with a Living Healthy Commotion. We participated in a community walk to recognize Terry Fox Day and enjoyed a healthy lunch of fruits, veggies, sandwiches, milk products and a variety of other tasty foods, all together at our school. It was an awesome day! We have really committed ourselves to healthy living, so every Friday afternoon, we do something active: jump rope and hula hoop outdoors on sunny days, activities in the gym, or we incorporate physical activity and nutrition into our classroom lessons. We even taste healthier recipes of our favourite things, like oatmeal raisin cookies instead of chocolate chip and real fruit juice instead of soda.

World Vision Holiday Fund-raiser

For Christmas this year, our classes wanted to do something truly meaningful for someone else. We decided to begin a campaign in our school, to see how much money we could raise for a family in need in Africa. Rather than simply donate our funds to a charity, we decided to purchase farm animals from the World Vision gift catalogue that would help a struggling family become self-reliant. Our goal is to raise at least $1000, so that we can purchase enough farm animals to fill a stable! These animals will give nutrition, income, and fertilizer to a family that needs it. The best part is that this is a gift that multiplies and keeps on giving!

We will keep you updated on our funds raised. After only a few weeks of fund-raising, we are over half way to reaching our goal.

Thank you to all parents and students who are working so hard on this project, Nakummek!!

Roots of Empathy

This is the first year for the Roots of Empathy program at our school. Both Grades 4 and 5 classes have a Roots of Empathy child, a baby from our own community, visit our classes once per month with a guardian to teach us about understanding others' feelings. These babies are definitely the youngest teachers we've ever had at JHMS! We are absolutely loving this program and we always look forward to our baby visits!!


Visit our photo album HERE.

Created by Miss Butler and formatted by Mr Reeves on Dec 16 2007.

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